Alphaject Technology

Introduction to Alphaject™ Technology

The goal of Alphaject™ therapy is to harness a universal & natural immune activation to drive a patient-specific anti-tumour response, thereby eliciting an immune response that not only destroys tumor cells but also brings about a long-lasting anti-tumour protective immune response. The Alphaject technology relies on an interaction between the alpha-Gal glycolipid Alphaject product and its interaction with anti-Gal antibodies, the most common natural antibody in humans.

The lead compound, AGI-134, is a fully-synthetic alpha-Gal glycolipid immunotherapy for solid tumours. AGI-134 recruits the patient’s immune system to target autologous tumour antigens, to attack the patient’s own tumour cells.  AGI-134 is in late preclinical development supported by exciting preclinical data [3,4], which illustrated the immunogenicity of the alpha-Gal/anti-Gal interaction [5,6].