About Us


At Agalimmune we see harnessing and directing the protective power of the immune system as being a cornerstone of cancer therapy. Cancer is responsible for 13% of deaths worldwide and it is estimated that one in three of us will have cancer at some point in our lives. The human immune system plays a crucial role in preventing the development of cancer; moreover, for those cancer patients undergoing treatment a strong anti-tumor immune response is frequently linked to a positive outcome. We believe our Alphaject™ technology can play an important role in improving the survival of patients with solid tumors, by modulating the patient’s immune system to recognise and kill their cancer cells.

In each patient the anti-tumor immune response is unique to their cancer. Alphaject™ technology offers the flexibility, breadth and targeted focus of a personalized therapy. By using a patient’s own immune system to destroy the cancer cells, it offers a much simpler therapeutic strategy than many other immunotherapy treatment regimes.